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I consider myself a decent amateur artist. I enjoy drawing cute girls and pastel colored ponies, though I am working on broadening my horizons a bit :3
I said I'd try to update my "want to do" list every couple of months or so to remind myself back in January... it's now May and this is only my first "reminder" ... I'm on a roll XD

Bullet; Blue Draw up finalized designs for all of my elf characters, including alternate outfits and armor.
Bullet; Blue Redraw the concept art I designed for Weather Ponies of Aerton Complete
Bullet; Blue Begin working on a weekly/biweekly comic of Weather Ponies Sidelined
Bullet; Blue Draw up cover art for all story projects- Moon and Stars (In the works) Pretty much everything else I can think of is Complete
Bullet; Green Write chapters for the Borderlands/MLP crossover In the works
Bullet; Green Write chapters for Pokemon Orre: Depths of Devotion Sidelined
Bullet; Green Write segments of a Skyrim story featuring Cealia Erenburn In the works
Bullet; Green Write story segments around my pony characters. Sidelined

That's... not a great start XD
So here's my revised list that takes into account my sidelined (meaning hiatus) stories and projects. Blue is art related, green is writing, red is hiatus.

:bulletblue: Draw up finalized designs for all my elf characters, including alternate outfits and armor
:bulletblue: Draw my half of an art trade
:bulletblue: Design cover art for all story projects- Moon and Stars is currently the only one I need to do
:bulletgreen: Continue writing chapters for "Borderlands: The Price of the Vault"
:bulletgreen: Continue to work on Cealia Erenburn's story segments
:bulletgreen: Write a themed short scene for 100 days (100 Days of Writing)
:bulletgreen: Continue world building for my Elf characters' story
:bulletgreen: Complete "Hoofswell that ends well"
:bulletgreen: Complete "Corruption of Love" (FimFiction Only)
:bulletred: Work on Depths of Devotion
:bulletred: Work on a Weather Ponies comic
:bulletred: Do a 100 Days challenge for my pony characters (changed from just writing short story segments)

I'm going to update this every month from now on so I don't forget the major projects I've been wanting to work on :3


Galena- Full Reference by Fairiegirl101
Galena- Full Reference
-takes a deep breath- Aaaaaaaaand that's all folks!

Galena is the last character I'm drawing up with a reference for a while. She was probably the hardest to pin down since I've been kind of waffling around with the clothing and colors I've been wanting to give her people. Ultimately, I'm very happy with her :3 She is the same kind of dragon/elf hybrid as Thom is, though she is closer to a pure-blood so her eyes are golden. She also has a little more scaling than Thom does.

She's the only character that doesn't fight at all, so I changed "armor" to "work clothes", though that's a very loose term.

Galena "Gale" and art belong to me.
Conrad- Full Reference by Fairiegirl101
Conrad- Full Reference
Last two references for now! The end is in sight!!

The first of two new characters I had planned for a looooong time but only just recently started fleshing out. Conrad is the same kind of elf/dragon hybrid that Adin is and he's one of the few of her kind she likes (for a while anyway)

It's very hard to design clothing, for me at least. I wish some of my outfits were more unique for each character, but whatever. I decided to go pretty basic with Conrad's design. Not a whole lot of detail in his clothing or armor and I'm happy with the result.

I'll post more for Conrad once I flesh him out a bit more.

Conrad and art belong to me
Eryka Selva- Full Reference by Fairiegirl101
Eryka Selva- Full Reference
After this all the characters will be completely new and unviewed before on dA. So look forward to that.

Eryka's outfits tend to look very similar to Adin's. That's partially because they're both Sylfan aaaaand partially because I didn't notice until I pulled up my reference for Adin that I'd draw pretty much the exact same outfit on Eryka. Ah well. I like her clothes too much to change them. Her armor was based loosely on the RWBY clothing I designed.

Eryka Selva and art belong to me
Jocelyn Ichimi- Full Reference by Fairiegirl101
Jocelyn Ichimi- Full Reference
Moving on from main characters to the supporting cast.

I didn't really change much about Jocelyn's standard outfit other than changing her pants from being sheer. I made her sleeve a lot less of a pain to draw and I also gave her hair ribbons. When I first sketched Jocelyn, she had these bows, but then promptly forgot so the other images I have of her colored and posted lack these accents.

I wanted her armor to be very similar, if not identical, to Nessa's armor, but at the same time I didn't just want to copy-paste it. I think I did a good job of doing just that with Jocelyn's armor... I just lament the fact that her skirt looks so crap-tastic. I was done with coloring when I realized the mistake and I just couldn't be assed to fix it XD

Jocelyn Ichimi and art belong to me
Ellie Still-Water- Full Reference by Fairiegirl101
Ellie Still-Water- Full Reference
Another in a long line of references.

Ellie was probably the second most difficult main character to design, after Nessa. Mostly because I wanted her outfit to be as streamlined as possible. It should be noted that her "main outfit" is what she travels in and not what her people generally wear day-to-day. I'll draw that outfit at a later date.

Ellie is a Mage and tends to stay back in fights so she doesn't have any armor on, so this is more of a ceremonial outfit. I left it labeled "Armor" because I'm lazy and this technically what she wears into battle.

Ellie Still-Water and art belong to me

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