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United States
I consider myself a decent amateur artist. I enjoy drawing cute girls and pastel colored ponies, though I am working on broadening my horizons a bit :3
A new year has begun and that means it's a time of reflection and renewal... and I've been doing a bit of reflection and I've decided that this year I'm not going to set any resolutions. That's not to say I'm not going to set personal goals or try to achieve a lot throughout the next year, but I'm not going to make open-ended promises to myself that are just ridiculous. I won't keep them, I won't remember them, and I'l only stress myself out half way through the year when I realize how much I haven't done yet.

So, for the next year, I'm going to keep things simple and month to month create small goals that are easy to achieve, but still push me in some way. For January that's going to be to draw one fully conceptualized artwork per week. Something along the lines of the Christmas art I did for gifts this year. I realize that this might seem like a weird place to start, like, how about one sketch a day or something like that, but I'll be honest, to me that's HARD. I can't always make time out of my day to sit down and draw for an hour, but I CAN take three hours out of a week and do a full drawing. 3 hours a week is significantly less than 7 hours in the same span, so for my money, this is a small place to start :3

I'll be posting each piece on Thursday, starting on the 7th, and spend the last few days of January considering my next goal. Hopefully these small steps will push me in ways I haven't been pushed before without putting undue stress on myself.

Onward to 2016!


Twice as Cute by Fairiegirl101
Twice as Cute
Started playing Platinum version for the first time, so I thought I'd draw Dan's Hikari (on the left) with Dawn/Hikari (on the right) Just a simple picture, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Just wish hands weren't so hard to draw -sigh-

ah well, cute girls are cute X3

Hikari Tsukino belongs to D4ftP0ny
Dawn/Hikari belongs to Game Freak
Bolerro by Fairiegirl101
This is Dan as a Saiyan warrior :D

What are muscles and how are they drawn? I certainly don't know :dummy:
Blys by Fairiegirl101
So I've gone totally off my anime rocker and designed a Saiyan sona. Am I a terrible person? Probably, but Dragon Ball Z is awesome and cheesy and this is just what I do when I like shows :D

This is Blys, she says it's short for "Blitz", but that's a lie. That's pretty much all I know about her right now, but I'll update this with more information when I have more time :3
Cloud Riding by Fairiegirl101
Cloud Riding
Just a little fan art of WeirdoPony's character Agatha (the alicorn) and Manakei1's character Yuizaite "Yui" (the pegasus)

Hope you like it :D

Characters belong to WeirdoPony and Manakei1 
Flurry Heart Adult (Season 6 SPOILERS) by Fairiegirl101
Flurry Heart Adult (Season 6 SPOILERS)
I've been seeing this cutie popping up all over DeviantArt since the season six preview was released. Have to say, I don't why there's so much hate directed at her, but whatever. Bronys' gon' hate. Personally, I think the design is cute, though the colors are a bit garish up close XD

This is my take on what an adult Flurry Heart might look like, along with a cutie mark that I'm actually really proud of :D

Looking forward to seeing season six in a year when it finally airs on Netflix! In the meantime, it's spoiler dodging and occasional episode watching when my friends tell me I just HAVE to see this episode XD

Flurry Heart belongs to Hasbro
Art is mine

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