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United States
I consider myself a decent amateur artist. I enjoy drawing cute girls and pastel colored ponies, though I am working on broadening my horizons a bit :3

Can't remember who I stole this from, but whatever. Have a few weird and possibly unknown facts about me :D

Full Name: Danielle Vance

Nicknames: Dani

Friends: :devEcho908:, DJ-Ghetto-Headphones, x-Short-Hilt-x, kyo4kusanagi

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Acceptable Pronouns: Her/She

Sexual & Romantic Orientation: Oh boy, these, um... Asexual, Heteromantic? Demiromantic? Eh, the door's open on that one, so to speak.

Date of Birth: August 26, 1994

Zodiac: Virgo

Hogwarts House: Slythies 5evah. Slytherin

Birthplace: Eugene, OR

Current Residence: Port Huron, MI

Occupation(s): Stay at home something-or-other and amateur artist


Blood Type: Unknown

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White, I guess
- Ancestry:
Europe. Pretty much all of fucking Europe.

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 185 lbs, I think. Maybe 190?

Build: Average, round, kinda baby faced. Squishy

Eye Color: Green/Hazel

Hair Color: Brown with red and blonde highlights (depending on the season)

Skin Tone: Whitey-mc-whiterson

Scars/Markings: A scar on my forehead, and maybe one on my neck? Lots of freckles across my face, shoulders, and legs


General Attitude: Happy, smiling, giggling fool, friendly

Life’s Aspirations: To enjo0 life, to be happy, and to be useful in some way

Favorite Foods: Potatoes, apples, grapefruit, chicken fried rice (Chicken Helper style XD), numerous kinds of tacos

Religion: Christian; ex-Mormon

Likes: Music, art- specifically drawing, Anime, Cartoons, My Little Pony, Snack foods, jelly beans, my cats <3, video games, DAN, swordplay

Dislikes: Any kind of annoying people- be they loud children or internet trolls or anything in between, burnt food T-T, 90% of cookies, arguing religion and/or politics

Fears: Being forgotten, bugs- mostly spiders and usually only when I don't see them until they're really close, falling, and I think that's about it


Father: Lyle (deceased)

Mother: Alice (estranged)

Sister(s): Theresa “Tecy” (HopeKrystalheart)

Brother(s): Ben

Best Friends: Kyra (Xenbonzacura), Dan (D4ftP0ny)- we might be married, but he's still my best friend <3

Pets: Leo (orange fucker cat), Sirius (black scared-y cat)


Mi Amour Brise by Fairiegirl101
Mi Amour Brise
A quick drawing of an AU Cadence. We've seen an evil Luna, Hasbro is introducing (what appears to be) an evil Celestia in the TCG, so Dan and I started tossing around the idea of an evil Cadence. Using his Elements of Destruction, of course.

This version of Cadence would basically take the place of the over-arcing villain of Dan's sequel stories- Blight Heart. When the Elements of Destruction were scattered after the final battle with the Elements of Harmony, Hatred found itself in the hooves of Princess Cadence (this is BEFORE her wedding to Shining Armor). Weakened and full of anger towards Dark Star, the amulet bided it's time, getting close to Cadence and giving her a "person" to talk to about her frustrations and anxieties. When Cadence was captured by Chrysalis and imprisoned underneath the castle, she was wearing the Amulet, who by this time had become a valued confidant to the Princess. Distraught, furious, and full of hatred towards Chrysalis, Cadence unknowingly began feeding the Amulet and making it more powerful.

When it had regained much of its lost strength, the Amulet reached out to Cadence, offering her a way out of her crystal prison and a way to regain what she had lost. Without anyone else to turn to and feeling hopeless, Cadence readily agrees, not fully understanding what she is giving in to. With a hold on her heart, the Amulet begins to take control of Cadence- making her more powerful, as it had promised, but also beginning to change her. Cadence escapes and defeats Chrysalis- whether she kills Chrysalis is up in the air at the moment- but instead of returning to Shining Armor and marrying him, she escapes in the chaos of the thwarted Changeling invasion, fleeing north. She only stops to tell Shining that she is unable to marry him at this time.

Once in the north, she finds that the Crystal Empire has returned. Fueled with hatred for the ruler- King Sombra- and the way he treats the ponies of the Crystal Empire, she uses the power of the Amulet and destroys Sombra. Freed from his tyranny, the Crystal Ponies pledge allegiance to Princess Cadence and she assumes the throne of the Crystal Kingdom. Around the same time, she changes her name to Mi Amour Brisé- loosely translated it means "my broken heart" or "my bleeding heart"- calling herself Princess Amour for short. By this point, her body has gone through a much more dramatic change- her cutie mark and even her coat and mane have changed, if only slightly. Her cutie mark is now a red crystal heart with a crack down the middle and her colors have all darkened significantly. Most striking of all, her eyes are a brilliant gold. Now that the Amulet has given Amour what she thinks she wanted, it waits.

Unbeknownst to Princess Amour, the Amulet has been slowly manipulating her towards Dark Star. She believes he's the only pony who can understand what it's like to wield the power of the Amulet- and thus the only pony who can fully understand and love her- and she becomes obsessed with meeting him. The Amulet, however, is seeking revenge. It wants revenge on the pony who created and then betrayed it.

But in his travels, Dark Star never ventures far enough north to reach the Crystal Empire.

Pushed passed its limited patience, the Amulet convinces Amour that the only way to meet Dark Star is to bring the one pony Dark wishes to see to the Crystal Empire... forcibly, if need be.

Aaaaand that's where I'm leaving that. There are a few minor details I left out- like Dark encountering the other three Elements- but this would basically be the new time line. It's an AU of an AU and I'm probably not going to do anything else with this, but it was fun to envision evil Cadence :3

If it wasn't clear, it's her eyes and the Amulet that are glowing.

Princess Mi Amour Brisé belongs to both D4ftP0ny and me
The Elements of Destruction and Dark Star belong to D4ftP0ny
Princess Cadence belongs  to Hasbro
Moonstone- Gemsona by Fairiegirl101
Moonstone- Gemsona
So I'm going to jump on the Steven Universe Bandwagon and show off my Gemsona, Moonstone.

Name: Moonstone
Nicknames: Moony
Gemstone: Moonstone
Gender: Genderless- feminine
Height: 5' 2"
Weapon: Quarter Staff
Fighting Style: Defensive and concerned with ending a fight without bloodshed
Likes: Being with friends, conversing, long walks, video games, eating the food Alexandrite makes though she's wary of trying other foods
Dislikes: Being left alone, doing "hard" work, being bored, rule breaking 
Skills: Has the ability to read minds, though only the thoughts someone is having at the moment of her "reading". She can't see memories unless they are remembering them consciously. Has a very limited ability to heal.
Personality: Calming and sweet, she cares about those she's close to. When in battle, she will be ferocious in defense of those same Gems/people. If she doesn't like you, you'll know it, as she can be equally vicious if provoked. She does have an emotional side, though she is usually in control of her emotions.
Fusion Preference: Alexandrite ->

Moonstone belongs to me
Steven Universe belongs to Cartoon Network

/Edit: Another redux XP I know, I drew her, what, three weeks ago? Not even? bleh. I'm indecisive. Anyway, this is her new design, I like it much better. Left is her "causal" wear, her around the ship clothes. Right is her slightly more up-done look. Something a little more fancy. Why? Because I wanted a reason to draw a jacket and dress outfit! I'll post her "battle gear" at a later date.
Hawk Eye- Gem Fusion by Fairiegirl101
Hawk Eye- Gem Fusion
This is my last Gem Fusion for a while... I think >_>

Name: Hawk Eye
Nicknames: N/A
Gemstone: Hawk's Eye (a variant of Tiger's Eye)
Fusion of: Moonstone and Galaxtie
Gender: Genderless
Height: 10' 7"
Weapon: Automatic Crossbow
Fighting Style: Generally a pacifist, but on the rare occasion that she decides to pick up her weapon and fight she is an incredible shot. The arrows she fires are made of her own psychic energy and don't inure opponents, but rather incapacitate them- either by putting their body into a paralyzed state or forcing gem creatures to retreat into their gems. She has only summoned her weapon once.
Skills: Heightened psychic abilities and the ability to "dream walk". While meditating deeply, she can step out of her own mind and into that of another via her Dream Walk. Contrary to what the name suggests, the subject does not necessarily have to be asleep for her to step into their mind, however it can be easier for her to move around inside the mind of a sleeping subject as their thoughts can otherwise get in her way or blow her around.
Personality: Extremely mellow and slow to anger, Hawk Eye is the definition of eternal calm. She is so calm that she may lapse into long periods of meditation and it can be difficult to rouse her once in this state. This is due to Moonstone's naturally serene personality being heightened by Galaxite's conforming nature. She smiles easily and enjoys seeing new things and meeting new people.

Other Info: Though Galaxite and Moonstone are good friends, they rarely fuse to form Hawk Eye as they tend to not work well together.

Hawk Eye belongs to both me and no1cool
Steven Universe belongs to Cartoon Network
Rhodonite- Gem Fusion by Fairiegirl101
Rhodonite- Gem Fusion
Second Gem fusion- this time of no1cool's Galaxite and D4ftP0ny's Alexandrite

Name: Rhodonite
Nicknames: Rhody
Gemstone: Rhodonite
Fusion of: Alexandrite and Galaxtie
Gender: Genderless
Height: 11' 0"
Weapon: Gunblade
Fighting Style: Tends to sit back and fight from a distance, quick on his feet.
Skills: Alexandrite's ability to read her opponents is increased to the point where Rhodonite seems to have limited precognition. Sometimes this works to his advantage, letting him stay one step ahead of his enemies, but he can get over zealous and leave himself open because he's fighting "in the future".
Personality: Rhodonite is excitable and full of energy, but also has the tendency to doubt himself if not given encouragement. Generally a laid back and relaxed gem, Rhodonite has a terrible temper when riled up. It takes quite a bit to get him really mad, but if you can, he'll burn hot until it forces Alexandrite and Galaxite to separate, usually leaving both gems in an exhausted state.

Really super proud of this fusion and I think, since he turned out so well, I'm going to go back and redesign Tourmaline so that she looks more like the gem she's supposed to. Two more fusions to go! Hawk Eye and Black Opal!

/Edit: Added what his gems should look like, since I forgot before /shot XD

Rhodonite belongs to me, no1cool, and D4ftP0ny
Steven Universe belongs to Cartoon Network
Tourmaline- Gem Fusion by Fairiegirl101
Tourmaline- Gem Fusion
Since I drew Gemsonas for myself and Dan, obviously I had to design their Fusion

Name: Tourmaline
Nicknames: N/A
Gemstone: Tourmaline
Fusion of: Alexandrite and Moonstone
Gender: Genderless- Feminine
Height: 9' 9"
Weapon: Naginata
Fighting Style: Technical, fast, and precise, Tourmaline focuses on speed and precision over brute strength.
Skills: She retains Moonstone's ability to read minds, though it is enhanced by Alexandrite's empathy and foresight so that she can see more than what is on the surface. Her healing is increased as well.
Personality: Though she has both aspects of Alexandrite in her, she tends to be more focused and determined than cheerful and playful. This is in part because of Moonstone, who is calmer and more stable than Alexandrite. Occasionally, however, she has moments where she can be terribly childish and distractable, as if Alexandrite (who is usually these things) is breaking apart from Moonstone and asserting herself. It passes quickly, but can be used as an opening for enemies.

/Edit: Completely overhauled the design and I am MUCH happier with how she looks now.

Tourmaline belongs to both me and D4ftP0ny
Steven Universe belongs to Cartoon Network

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